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Yes, there absolutely is a "Right Time"...

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

...and it absolutely is RIGHT NOW.

I'm not here to blow smoke up your... you know what. I'm not here to sell you on some fantasy. I'm definitely not here to waste your time.

So- why AM I here?

I'm here because I know how it feels to be stuck. I know how it feels to WANT to make a change (physically, emotionally, you name it), while also feeling paralyzed at the same time. Getting stuck in this place is a total dump. And if you've been following me for a bit, there's a good chance you know this feeling. Maybe you're feeling it right this moment.

I know what you're thinking- HOW DO I GET OUT OF THIS CRAP PLACE?

I think people overthink this part. We KNOW we are stuck. We KNOW we want to make a change. So... why does it feel like getting out of this place is impossible?

Well, from my own experience, and after working with hundreds of women on their health/fitness journey, I've realized something...

We simply must DO.

I know, I know. You feel let down, right? "Maggie, that is BULL. You didn't even give a real answer!!"

But hear me out-

I would guess the reason you feel stuck right now is because of a lack of DO. You spend a lot of time thinking about making a change- GREAT!

But how far does that actually get you?

My educated guess is...not far.

You must DO.

It's easy to get caught up in the internet overwhelm. There are fitness programs EVERYWHERE. Blast fat HERE. Tone up your chicken legs HERE. Lose 10 pounds with this organic horse poop juice cleanse HERE. All you need to do is head to the Googly bot and search for "health and fitness tips" and BOOM- overwhelm central.

Here's the best part... you don't need to get lost in the overwhelm.

That's why I'm here.

You already have the desire to better yourself. You have a vision on who you want to become. All you need is a CLEAR PLAN and someone (ahem, ME, your HYPEGIRL) to ensure it's executed safely and properly.

You must DO.

Stop looking around, and start looking within. Put your blinders on. Just imagine where you could be in 3 months, 6 months, even 1 year if you get crystal clear on your vision and goals and start NOW.

Whether you want to train in-person (whaddup, Scottsdale!) or you're looking to train together virtually- I've got you. It starts with a complimentary assessment, where the only focus is YOU. We go over your medical history, injuries (if any), as well as a detailed analysis of your current movement patterns to determine any potential imbalances. Beyond that, we take a deep dive into your goals, fears, and barriers to ensure your custom program fits into your busy life.

This isn't a quick fix. We don't do that here.

Instead- this is a life changing journey. A "1% better than yesterday" gig. I promise you'll fall in love with yourself and the process...

but you must DO.

Shoot me a DM (@magalonius on IG)

Send me an email (

Deliver a carrier pigeon to my house


It's your time, sister. Let's go!

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