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"I never dreamed of success... i worked for it."

-Estee Lauder

Hey, Hey!

Welcome to the team, sister! I am so honored to have you here. Team Prevail was created because I know how it feels to have my back against the wall. You know those moments when it feels as if life will break you...and you come out stronger than you could've imagined?

Ya know- Those moments where you PREVAIL? That's us.

That's Team Prevail. And I'll bet that's why you're here.

Because you are one of us.

This is not your typical training program- this is your place to thrive. My focus with each of my clients is simple, yet revolutionary: we combine physical and mental health to get you maximum results while falling in love with yourself in the process. You're here because you're ready to make a change. I'm here because it's my mission to help you do it.

Whether you're looking for In-Home Private Training, Virtual Training, or you're ready to start your own online business helping others through health & fitness- we are about to level up. We will craft a unique training program & schedule based on your needs and availability.


It's easy to put ourselves on the back burner to ensure everyone & everything around us is taken care of. It's also slowly killing us. Joining the Prevailers means officially stepping into the role of Recovering People Pleaser. Physical results are great- but they mean nothing if we don't also overhaul our own mental health & self-care. Don't worry- this is built into your custom program! 


This life is not a dress rehearsal. Our bodies are not experimental petri dishes. We only get one of each, so how we choose to treat each one is critical. The great news? It does not matter what's happened in the past. It does not matter if you "failed" at exercise & nutrition programs in the past.. You're choosing to take control of your health and your life NOW- and that is what will make all the difference. An entirely new life is only one decision away...and only you have the power to make it.


If you're looking for the Quick Fix, you won't find it here. If that's your thing, please let me know so I can refer you to the trendiest scam artist promising 30 pounds of weight loss in 7 days. 

Team Prevail focuses on true health- identifying & correcting imbalances, strengthening from the inside out, and creating sustainable habits to increase longevity and promote overall wellness. Oh, and if you haven't already...Prepare to fall in love with who you see in the mirror!


In-Home Personal Training: We craft a completely custom program based on your needs, goals, and current fitness abilities. Engage in your own personal workout session right in the comfort of your own home. No equipment? No problem! I bring everything to you. Pets & children are welcome to join each session as well!

Virtual Personal Training: Are we separated by a few miles, or a few states, or a few countries? No problem! Virtually, we will craft your custom program and implement it at your pace. Do you prefer written programs with no real-time guidance? You've got it. Or maybe you'd prefer having me streaming on live video throughout your workout to ensure form & motivation is high. The choice is yours!

Build Your Own Online Health/Wellness Business: This is for those who want MORE. I know the feeling. Whether you're looking for something to pay the electric bill, or you're ready to build a full-time long as you've got the passion to help others (while becoming the best version of you)- this is for you. The best part? We build this TOGETHER. I'm your mentor, HypeGirl, and business partner every step of the way. You do NOT need any certifications, a large social media following, or 6 pack abs to start. Just a desire for MORE.


Which one describes you?

The best time to plant a tree...was 200 years ago.
The second best now.

I know you've got questions, so...

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Team Prevail Fitness

IG: @magalonius

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